Plan 2184

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Thank you Enisa for the photo prompt

2137 – 2174 were the bleakest years for global manufacturing. All mining activities were stopped officially in 2137 and the first lot of metals mined in space arrived on Earth in 2174. The recycling industry grew by leap and bounds during this period.

In middle years of this century, the North Star group developed a highly controversial technology. It had diverse and multiple functions. It was used for communication, motivation of workers, industrial kinetics, security, etc. The group continued its R & D in this area.

The visionary owners hoped to control the Earth and its colonies by this technology. The iconic tower at the city center with dragons sculpted from recycled metal at the top was a pilot model of psionic machine that was central to their future plan. They called it the Hieronymus machine-2184.

Words  ~ 135

Thank you Priceless Joy



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