Philosophy of Art

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A professor of world history invited questions from students after delivering a lecture about prehistoric-art found in ancient caves.

A Student – Why are humans depicted as stick figures?  Is it because of lack of drawing skills?

Professor – The ancients had the same brain and artistic powers as we have. However, they were free of the cultural-context that restricts our artistic expression.

They were drawing what they saw around them. Thus, we chiefly find animals and tree as murals. The humans are often represented by hand stencils.

Student – But why the stick figures?

Professor – You presume they are human because of the comics. These denote commonality between a tree and human. The head is the apical bower of leaves, the hands denote the branches of a tree and the legs represent the roots of a tree. This is the realization that trees are also live and essential for other live beings.

Student –   ———–

Professor – You may simply understand it as the earliest philosophical expression of humans.

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13 thoughts on “Philosophy of Art

    • I have been reading ‘Secret history of World’ by Jonathan Black. Some of his ideas spilled over in this tale. As such it is not a part of actual philosophical view (except for my own POV).
      Thank you for the read and interest, James.

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