After the conquest

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll
The ancient ghost fled the burning warehouse. Fire is truly unbiased and devours all without bias. It watched the fire rage as the fire-tenders fought to control it.
The fire could not have occurred in my times – he thought. We had curfew then.
The bastard ruled that all light and fires were to be put off (or covered) with the ring of the church-bell just after sunset. It helped prevent fire accidents and kept the people away from mischief. Also, the   Normans felt safe amidst all the Saxons.
Alas If I did not have such a lust for revenge.
Words ~ 99

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



34 thoughts on “After the conquest

  1. Interesting piece with this ancient Norman ghost type figure and his values versus modern values and reason for starting the massive fire. Indeed if you go back that far Norman’s, Saxons, Scandinavian whoever, valued revenge and restitution through it a great deal. Like in Beowulf for instance. Great write!

  2. William the Bastard committed some atrocious acts against the Saxons (think Yorkshire and the word ‘vasta’ – ‘laid waste’ – in the Domesday book. No wonder the ghost seeks revenge

    • Hindu thought considers fire as a link between the gross and subtle, matter and spirit, the seen and unseen, the known and unknown and a messenger between men and gods. It is known to produce a feeling of detachment in the freshly disembodied subtle body (after cremation) and encourages it to pass on, rather than hover on earth – hence the ghosts avoid fire.
      Thank you so much for the read and the interest in this piece.

    • Glad it piqued your interest. Essentially I wanted to depict the connection between curfew,fire & William-I. However, William(I) the conqueror is also known as William the bastard. William’s father Duke Robert of Normandy was unmarried, but in his youth had an affair with Herleva, a tanner’s daughter. After a few years together and the birth of an illegitimate son he arranged for her to marry one of his barons.
      The ghost is one of the dispossessed whose land was given to a Norman knight,
      Thank you for the encouragement.

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