Revisiting London 1952

In this upside down, inside out and the other way round world, truth is often stranger than fiction.  In the Great Smog of 1952, the city of London was brought to a standstill by a dense blanket of toxic smog that reduced visibility to a few feet. A re-occurrence in 2017 …….

Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Patient numbers have more than tripled at Patel-Chest Institute since the smallest and poisonous particles in air increased to 27 times higher than recommended. Similar conditions prevail in many parts of North India.

The long term effects (CVDs/cancers, etc) will be noticed many years later – doctors predict. Statistical projections indicate a general shortening of life by several days to several weeks if these conditions continue for 10 days.

With the elections in many states round the corner the government is under extreme pressure to improve the environment.

Fire trucks and water cannons are being used to eliminate toxic-dust from air.

Words ~ 100

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



18 thoughts on “Revisiting London 1952

    • It is more of a report of facts that had been nagging me since I saw the prompt. I rejected it in my first attempt as I could not give a fictional shape to it with out lessening the gravity of the situation. But it kept nagging me and finally I shared it as a real life fiction that is still playing out.
      I pointed this out in the few lines before the main item.
      I invite you to check out news and you can decide.
      Thanks so much for the read and the interest.

  1. When there is the political will, we can undo this sort of damage. The Clean Air Act eliminated smog in London quite quickly. It’s not dealt with all issues mind you; we still have a huge problem with nitrogen oxides from car exhaust, and the political will is less powerful there because the poison is not visible, and only barely detectable by smell.
    I’m glad you departed from fiction and gave us a factual account.

    • True. But a conundrum of multiple issues restrict political will and implementation of existing laws and the environment quality keeps deteriorating.
      Thank you for the read and interest.

  2. Reality all the way. It’s not fiction nowadays as if global warming with all the gadgets spiting heat is not enough, smog, water scarcity etc.etc. The public is also equally to be blamed. The way we pollute our rivers in the name of religion, cutting trees and wait for the government to do everything. Like your writing style.

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