Of jewels and stars

Prompt  …

Thank you Footy and Foodie for this week’s prompt.

The small crowd had walked all night to watch the sun rise. However, they had not read or seen any paintings of this sunrise. In fact nobody has seen any paintings or photos of the next day’s sunrise.

Soon the darkness chose to withdraw. The dense blue-black blanket was penetrated by reddish glow of a priceless ruby. It was then coupled with the hue of a yellow-sapphire. It appeared as if jewels from cache were being displayed one by one.

The crowd sat back to enjoy the calm and solitude of the beautiful morning.

Lovely said one from the crowd.

Just wait and watch the second one rise – stated another.

Words ~ 111
Tatooine is cold, gaseous and not thought to harbor life, but its discovery demonstrates the diversity of planets in our galaxy. IT is a circumbinary planet ie it is orbiting two stars  and is 200 light-years from Earth.


Thank you Priceless Joy



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