The wise man’s preach

Hedonism is a word that does not readily comes to mind when we think of India. However, Charvak in 7th century BC was an exception. His hedonistic philosophy co-existed along with the six orthodox school of Hindu thought. He preached a materialistic and realistic view of life. Charavak is the inspiration behind this tale and I have used some of his quotes to elaborate his philosophy.

Prompt  ….

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Long, long ago there was a wise man. He was an independent thinker and based his conclusions on observable facts.

Occasionally the wise man would speak to his disciples. Often these would be attended by animals that lived around his humble abode.

His teachings on life, death and cremation include …..

As long as you live, live joyously
None can escape Death’s wide net;
When once this body has been burnt,
How can it ever return?

While you live, live well, even if you have to borrow, for once cremated there is no return.

A cluster of locusts heard him as they were looking for their feed.

The locusts were impressed. They thought we live just for a year, we must eat fast, grow fast, jump fast and reproduce fast. Our death is just round the corner ……… and then nothing. We must enjoy life to the hilt and fast. They are still singing and dancing through life.

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