Origin of a recipe

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A King was getting a palace built and visited the site regularly. On one such visit he was greeted with an alluring aroma of curry. He inquired and was informed that food was being prepared for the work force.

He ordered his cooks to find out what was being cooked. Later, the cooks told him it was just curry for the laborers and not fit for the royal table as it comprised raw waste from the royal kitchen and butchery.

The king ordered them to use wholesome material and prepare the same dish for him. They examined the ingredients – besides the inedible (unsuitable for the king’s table) meat and some simple spices, the curry included discarded dried-pulp (today we know it as mace) covering of the nutmeg seeds. The mace tastes and smells like a cross between nutmeg and coriander, tinged with citrus and cinnamon and has some olfactory-tickling similarities of nutmeg, mint, and basil because of the essential oils it contain.

The cooks finally presented the javitri-wala-maas* to the king.

Words < 175
*Meat laced with mace.

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18 thoughts on “Origin of a recipe

  1. What a delectable and fragrant story, YS. [Very few stories I’ve seen these days evoke fragrance as well as your short post here does!] I would love to travel in India and share a meal (or meals) with a family/person there. A really authentic meal, though I might not be able to handle the hottest curries and such. I love dals (at least the ones I’ve had in American restaurants serving Indian food), not just the meat and the vegetable dishes. Have a wonderful rest of the week, YS!

    • A cordial invitation to you. 🙂 Occasionally the curries and food is not so hot & spicy; and if you consider size of population the occasional is quite frequent.
      Dal and roti (bread) is the daily fare of most of us and there are infinite versions of it.
      I appreciate the generous comment and a very pleasant rest of the week to you. Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha, never thought I’d be reading the word javitri as a part of a story 🙂 So, I didn’t recognize it, and just made up something, calling them magical courgette flowers in my story. My wife immediately called me up from her workplace and said, “This is mace, not courgette flowers, you’ve committed an error!”

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