The bifocals

Prompt  ….

Thank you Enisa  for this week’s prompt.

Keerti looked at the exhibits a number of times. There were many heads but each time he passed this one a thought niggled deep in his mind. Unfortunately it was too vague for him to comprehend it.

One of the officers on duty watched him hover. He took out a pair of spectacles and placed it on the sculpture. Lightning flashed ……… and Keerti was reminded of his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer who had walked out one day 4 years ago and had never been found.

Dada-ji* used gold rimmed bifocals – Keerti thought.

Just a curiosity about the name had brought him to this exhibition of forensic facial sculptures

Words ~ 110
*Dada-ji ~ a term used to address grandfather.

Thank you Priceless Joy



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