The dispossessed

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The marina was built despite strong opposition from the local people. Thousands of families from near by villages used to fish here in the traditional way for centuries. The locals pleaded with the authorities that high-end tourism projects are welcome but they should not be at the cost of the traditional inhabitants.  They warned that dredging of millions of cubic-meters of earth and construction activity will disturb the sea bed and adversely affect their livelihood. The construction of breakwaters will also adversely affect the ecology of the area.

Variety of sea-birds lived there. Some would steal the fish and others would wait for a fish-worker to toss it a morsel. The birds and the fish-workers migrated to other places but occasionally one or the other would visit and stare at ships as if asking – what the hell are you doing in waters that belonged to us.

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18 thoughts on “The dispossessed

  1. I can understand the feelings at the end. Progress is not necessarily better, especially when it disturbs and ruins an entire ecological system and way of life without regard for aboriginals and wild life. Sad.

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