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If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? For centuries philosophers have been teasing our intellects with such questions. This exercise in futility would not have started if a tree had fallen on a philosopher’s head. Einstein concluded it effectively – reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

A fallen tree is a degenerated neuron (whatever the cause) from the brain of  Gaiya (Mother Earth).  The function of that particular neuron is taken over by the nearby neurons in that bundle. Brain atrophy caused by a significant amount of neuronal loss is a prominent pathological feature of Alzheimer’s disease.

Too many of such incidents would destroy Gaiya. However, it has succeeded in overcoming such events since millions of years. It eliminates the cause of such neuronal deaths.

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James Lovelock in 1960s proposed that Earth is a conscious being. The first goal of Earth was to use conscious intention to form minerals and to turn these into rocks and crystals. Crystals are thus infused with particular perspectives and expressions that we can comprehend through technology. It is almost as though the earth left us a treasure of billions of little crystal-USB drives with message of love or protection that we can follow.
Then the earth set out to create the conditions required to support more and more complex and diverse life forms, ultimately leading to the right conditions to support humanity. In this way our consciousness is connected to the earth – through all live and non-live structures.

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20 thoughts on “Gaiya

  1. Did you invent the name’ Gaiya’? Some part of the story about went over my head but read repeatedly. Excellent POV. We deserve some punishment from mother earth.

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