One who flew away

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Thank you any1mark66   for this week’s prompt.

The older residents remember the return of ancient Joe. He had run away from the farm at the age of 17 and came back after 70 years. Few know where he had been and what he had done.  Many refused to believe he was Joe.  Though Tom his grandson did and offered him a room at the farmhouse. However, Joe lived in the old isolated barn in a remote field.

On his 91st birthday he attained physical dissolution (Buddha).  Tom saw a rainbow that day and came to explore. He found the place empty with a pleasing aroma. Ancient Joe was never found.

Only the birds and other creatures know that Joe’s body had dissolved in to light. Even the nails and hair were not left behind.  His death was truly like a bird flying away from a rock.

Words ~ 139
PS – Practitioners of ‘great perfection ~Dzogchen’ can dissolve their body in light at the time of death .

Thank you Priceless Joy



25 thoughts on “One who flew away

  1. Interesting insights into Buddhism. Sounds a good way to go, but it could bedisconcerting for the individuals family if they don’t understand Buddhism

  2. I still find reading about something I had not heard of interesting. There so so many differing religions each it seems with their own sub divisions. Until recently I had contemplated returning to university to learn more about the differing religions. I think that if one was fit and lived to be several hundred years old there are so many areas of interest, that it would not be hard to keep oneself occupied.

    • It is claimed that some Buddhist monks have achieved this dissolution. However, I believe that it may require a lot of meditation and prayers under the supervision of an enlightened teacher.

      Thanks a lot for the read and your interest.

  3. Now, one day I asked my husband what if we evaporate like camphor when our time is up, instead of suffering so much. Not sure how we will take it. Superb take. That’s why I come to your blog when I have sufficient time in hand. Enjoying each post.

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