A retro ride

Prompt  ….

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll
The amusement park had installed a new ride and claimed it to be fastest. Only invited adult couples were allowed the first ride. Leaders, government-officials, CEOs and other elites came for the ride.
After much fanfare, all were seated according to their seniority and protocol. Finally the ancient mayor (too old to be on the ride) pushed the start button. The carriages started rotating. Slowly it picked up speed  –  till the crowd could just hear the whizz and were unable to visualize individuals or the cabins.
Ultimately it stopped and a crowd of teenagers got off.
Words ~ 97
A round centrifuge would slow down time as it gets faster – thus increasing the Gravity in that location. A space-time like blanket would cover something that has a high mass in comparison to other areas as it possesses more gravity in comparison as well. The higher gravity “weighs down” the blanket. In these weighed down areas time moves at a slower rate than that of a spot with less gravity/mass. A good example is if you’re near a black hole, which has a lot of mass and thus gravity, your perception of a few minutes or hours there could be, in comparison, years on Earth. There may be academic errors in this …..  but it provided the theme for this tale.
Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



71 thoughts on “A retro ride

  1. That’s a very novel (and completely erroneous!) take on the prompt. But what a fabulous way of dealing with your leaders – make them too young to do any harm! Nice one Yarnspinnerr!

  2. Wow, that’s an even faster ride than the ones I normally like! Interesting idea, though: would they still be allowed to hold their positions of power, if to everyone else they looked like teenagers? And how would their thinking and attitudes be affected by their changed bodies? Hm, sounds like a cool idea for a whole science fiction novel…

  3. I left wondering if the CEOs and bigwigs were just behaving like teenagers from the exhilaration, or whether this was a time machine and the old mayor sacrificed himself for the others. And I enjoyed your story more for not being able to decide on the ending 🙂

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