The Bodhi Tree

He who does not find core or substance in any of the realms of being,
like flowers which are vainly sought in fig trees that bear none,
such a monk gives up the here and the beyond,
just as a serpent sheds its worn-out skin.
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Thank you Fandango  for this week’s prompt.
The old frail man sat on the bench. He was surprised to find the tree barren of all leaves. It had never happened before. He had believed it to be an offspring of the original Bodhi tree under which Gautama Buddha had attained enlightenment.
It was always green, bright and full of luster.  So what happened …..  he wondered.
Perhaps a great Buddhist religious leader has attained Nirvana  …….  he thought.
The Great Lama is still in the physical realm …………. a voice in his mind informed him.
Then, what is the matter? He finally addressed the tree.
The humans are fast approaching a state of non-sentiency and I cannot live without empathic consciousness. Soon my brothers in other part of world shall also be ……..
Words ~ 127
Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree. The tree itself was a type of fig with the botanical name Ficus religiosa. In the centuries after the Buddha, the Bodhi tree became a symbol of the Buddha’s presence and an object of worship. King Asoka’s daughter, the nun Sanghamitta, took a cutting of the tree to Sri Lanka where it still grows in the island’s ancient capital of Anaradapura.
The original tree at Bodh Gaya was destroyed by King Puspyamitra during his persecution of Buddhism in the 2nd century BC and the tree planted to replace it, probably an offspring, was destroyed by King Sassanka at the beginning of the 7th century AD. The tree that grows at Bodh Gaya today was planted in 1881 by a British archaeologist after the previous one had died of old age a few years before. Many temples throughout the Buddhist world have Bodhi trees growing in them which are or are believed to be offspring of the one from Anaradapura and their worship forms an important part of popular Buddhist piety.

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22 thoughts on “The Bodhi Tree

  1. Ooh. I love the concept of this. I really does seem like our collective sentience is slipping. I hadn’t imagined what that might do to the trees. A brilliant idea, expertly executed.

  2. Wow! wonderfully written, YS.
    Thanks for the footnotes, I had read them so long back, I had forgotten.
    A truly brilliant take on the prompt.

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