Music of Light

This prompt reminded me of an earlier post which I share here ………..
 The Seventh Transformation
There was just the whirring of planets – OM and it was unadulterated love ,,,,,, it was sound. Sound was one.
The Sound flickered and there was light – it was two;
The light faded and there was life ,,, it was three.
The life paused and there was shape, it was four;
The shape divided and there was space ,,, it was five.
The space shifted and there was time ,,, it was six.
The time made a count and there was number. The number was seven.
The Earth was the seventh heaven.

Now for the current prompt …….

Prompt  …

Thank you Goroyboy  for this week’s prompt.
Many of you would be familiar with the legend of Tansen and Rag* Dipak.
Tansen was a great musician and one of the jewels of the Mughal Court.  The Mughla King Akbar wanted Tansen to play Raga Deepak or the raga of light. The effect was such that all the lamps in the courtyard lit up themselves when Tansen played this rag.
It is described in the legend that when Tansen played that particular piece of music his body became so hot that he had to sit in the nearby river to cool himself.  It is, however, hardly known as to how he practiced for this art. His teacher – Haridas a great saint and musician used to sit with a piece of camphor in his hand and ask Tansen to play. When he got the notes right the camphor would ignite. The low flash point of camphor  (54 degrees Celsius) was just right for such training.
It is by practicing with camphor that Tansen achieved mastery of rag-dipak.
Words <175
*A raga consists of at least five musical notes, and each raga provides the musician with a musical framework within which to improvise.
PS – While all characters in this tale are real; the use of camphor for practice/teaching of rag-dipak is fiction that I dreamt up for this prompt.

Thank you Priceless Joy



17 thoughts on “Music of Light

  1. Awesome as always. I heard the story before and always wondered how useful it would be to do such a thing both to save electricity and to save the environment. Alas, legends are legends in more ways than one!

  2. This read to me like the beginning versus in Genesis, the first book in the Holy Bible. Very creative YS! I’m not familiar with this legend but it was very interesting reading about it. Great story!

  3. I love your takes on the prompt. They are so different and so Indian. I have heard he died singing raag Deepak, or perhaps saved by someone singing Megh-Malhaar. Thanks for reminding. I will search Google.

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