Prompt  ….

The grand old dame looked glum. The owners were contemplating renovation of the old hotel as the tsunami warning was issued. All were advised to vacate the area within 24 hours.
Boats and ships were dispatched to salvage the most expensive items in the hotel by the owners.
The silver-ware, old wines from the cellar, electronic goods, including the new red tuk-tuk were loaded and stored in a safe place.
The massive tidal waves of the tsunami overturned an old silver-urn and its contents were dispersed.
Finally Henry could let go and start anew.
Words ~ 95
 Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



51 thoughts on “Liberated

  1. I wasn’t expecting the sudden upturn at the end. Great twist – and it makes you wonder, was the old silver urn an oversight in clearing the property, in the presumed haste? Or was it deemed unworthy of being taken? Or was it deliberate. All these questions raise just enough tension and “unease” in the mind – perfect.

  2. As I read I imagine the urn held the ashes of Henry’s loved one/s, so their loss set him free to carry on his life. Having read the comments and learnt they are Henry’s ashes, adds a ethereality as Henry is let loose to roam again.
    Good story with the two sides – the frantic preparation to save things, and new beginnings resulting from things lost.

    • My muse or probably my beliefs took me there. I looked up Hotel Henry Berrisford and learned he had 10 children ….. and other details. That was how this story crystallized.
      Thank you so much for reading it and summing it up here. 🙂

  3. I think many of us limit our possibilities by hanging on to things and people. Sometimes, it takes a storm to sweep everything away before we can start anew. Great story.

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