Prompt  ….

Thank you Lavanya  for this week’s prompt.
Bablu wanted to eat modaks (sweet dumplings) but he knew his mother would  make them only for Bappa (Lord Ganesh).
Now, Bablu had a real urge for modaks and the Bappa had just departed a month back and would come back only after eleven months. It was so bad, so sad and so,  so, so …….  he  just wanted to sit down and howl.
‘I am too old to howl for Modaks’, Bablu thought. I should find Bappa and bring him home so that Ma shall make modaks for him.
He went out and looked for Bappa in his lawn as he was not allowed to go out alone. As the sun was setting,  Bholu his elder brother came back from his cricket practice with the trophy that was his for a day to keep.
Bablu saw the trophy and thanked Bappa, ‘Now Ma shall have to make Modaks’.
Words ~ 149
Modak is believed to be Lord-Ganesh’s favourite food, and hence he is also known as Modakapriya, someone who likes modak.

Thank you Priceless Joy



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