Meet in dreams

Prompt  ….

 PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford
Nakul found the desiccated single rose stalk as he was cleaning out his desk. Nausea hit him hard and he rushed to the washroom. Unfortunately one cannot vomit out one’s memories.
He was transported to Feb 14, 2007.
Don’t go Jia. If we part today we shall meet only in dreams. It would be like meeting of two shadows in a desert of wishes and it would be like finding dried flowers in old text-books.
Words ~ 75
This post was inspired by this song written by Ahmed Faraz.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



50 thoughts on “Meet in dreams

  1. Sad for Nakul.
    A great take on the prompt, Yarnspinnerr.
    ‘Finding dried flowers in old text books’reminded me of ‘the thorn birds.’
    Wonderful imagery.
    Thanks for the song. 🙂Yet to listen to it.

  2. A fine story about a sad moment. … If I pick up an old book with a lovely inscription from when the book was gifted, I often wonder about the history of those who gifted the book

  3. It’s strange how we can seem to experience prescience. In this instance it must have made the tragedy even harder to bear. I can’t help wondering if Jia felt she was doing the right thing, ethically, in leaving her lover that night.

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