The second Diwali

May we see for a hundred autumns!
And may we live for a hundred autumns,
May we hear for a hundred autumns,
May we speak for a hundred autumns,
And may we hold our heads high for a hundred autumns,
Yes, even more than a hundred autumns.
Holy Shukla Yajurveda Samhita XXXVI:24
PS – Diwali the Hindu festival of lights fall in Kartik (autumn) that used to be the first month of Hindu calendar long time ago.
Prompt  ….

Thank you Enisa  for the photo prompt
Jai, his wife and their 10 year old sun watched multiple deeps (earthenware-lamps) float down Ganga. The family had come to see the second festival of lights  called the Lord’s Diwali at Varanasi. It was a divine sight.
We celebrated Diwali just 15 days ago …… why again, Ma?
It was for the worship of goddess’s MahaLakshmi and MahaKali.  It is a ritual for realizing Shakti (empowerment), son!
Then what is this for?
This is the Lord’s Diwali dedicated to Maha-Vishnu and Param-Shiva. This is the festival of liberation. For only the empowered may achieve liberation and the Divine Ultimate.
The cluster of these lamps reminds me of the exoplanets orbiting a red dwarf that may one day truly liberate the humans from this overcrowded planet interjected Jai.
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Thank you Priceless Joy



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