The Lunatics

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 PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz
Recently, the ALMA telescope in Chile found methyl chloride around a young binary star known as IRAS 16293-2422, about 400 light-years away in a star-forming region of space called Rho Ophiuchi.
Venky a talented photographer sans recognition decided to exploit the finding. He uploaded some photo-shopped pictures on an astronomical-science site – showing bio-molecular evidence of life on our moon. The ramifications …..
The good news is that we are not alone in our little stretch of the universe and the bad news is that those who escaped to moon over the years feel threatened and are strengthening their defense.
Words ~ 100
Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



48 thoughts on “The Lunatics

  1. We can detect them if they enter our atmosphere. “Methyl Chloride is a colorless extremely flammable gas with a mildly sweet odor.” If it smells sweet and lights on fire, kill it.

  2. Ah well add one more to the conspiracy theories. Going by numbers it is highly unlikely that we are alone in the universe. Maybe they are waiting for us to become smarter. And at least now we know that moon is not made of green cheese.

  3. No single substance would be an unequivocal biomarker for life, because every so-called biomarker could have arisen via one of several mechanisms. However, if you see several biomarkers from the same planet of origin that would be encouraging. It will be difficult for scientists to accept extra-terrestrial life. As they say ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’.

  4. Oh dear, Venky has a lot to answer for. Thos moon dwellers were living quite peaceably and and now are scared we’re out to get them. Will we be happy to let them be? I fear not.

  5. very interesting piece and it actually felt like it was an article from a real science journal…
    also enjoyed skimming comments:

    “Biological markers are just indicative never diagnostic – unless complemented with other evidence.”

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