The Seventh Green

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Thank you Yinglan  for the photo prompt
In 2005, J decided to build a golf course on 50 acres of land he leased from the state government for improving tourism in the foot hills of Himalaya at Haldwani.
It took five years of tree cutting and bush clearing to get a seven-hole course. In 2012, it was converted into a nine-hole   course with non-turf sand greens and synthetic-grass fairways. It made maintenance easy and the project economically feasible. The hazards included eight sand-bunkers, some wetlands and a walkway across the course.
In 2016, J  could lay  down an underground sprinkler system and  aspired for real grass fairways and real greens. He had earmarked the greens and achieved a true slant with the grass growing nicely.
One sunny afternoon J noticed a couple picnicking on his future green. He recognized the man – a particularly obnoxious officer from the local tourism-department.  He silently crept to the side of the walkway and fully opened the water-sprinkler knob of the future seventh green.
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14 thoughts on “The Seventh Green

    • You guessed it. I have watched golfers loose their tempers and become really violent if the greens are used for anything except completing (putting) the game. So much depends upon the last shot.
      Thank you for the read and perceptive comment.

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