Diamonds down the street

Prompt  …

Thank you Enisa  for this week’s prompt.
U.Thomas loves shooting in the streets. He says – “you never know what will happen. Often, I don’t have any plan or idea what to shoot. I just walk around and let myself get inspired and surprised.
I worked many years in marketing. I loved my job – and soon burnt out.  I enrolled in an online course in mathematics as I liked the subject from my school days. The Elements by Euclid fascinated me. I use some of it in composing my photographs.
I experimented with mathematical-photography and this one was chosen by the World Mathematical Association as a cover page for their special report on ‘uses & applications of rhomboidal mathematics’.
The rhombus is of special interest to me because I am Uklid reincarnation of Euclid”.
Words ~ 134

Thank you Priceless Joy



10 thoughts on “Diamonds down the street

    • All those rhombi (diamonds) in the prompt made me think of image stitching and prevented me from getting a suitable handle on this, hence I decided on a mathematical theme.
      Thanks a lot.

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