The sufi

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Thank you Yinglan for this week’s prompt.
The old Sufi found this place and decided to meditate here for some time. Soon the locals started visiting him for solving their problems. Occasionally he would use the black board to explain solutions to complex problems.
However, the locals soon believed him to be divine and would imitate all of the Sufi’s action.
One day the sheriff came and saw the Sufi take a few steps, then stop and whirl around, shake all his limbs and cry Wah wah wah. His followers would also do the same. This continued for some time.
Who are you and what is going on here?
I am a Sufi and these are my followers. They are copying me in the hope of achieving enlightenment.
How do you know if they have attained enlightenment?
Easy!  Every morning I count them. Those who do not come back – have achieved enlightenment!
Words ~ 145

Thank you Priceless Joy




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