The last wreath

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Thank you Goroyboy  for this week’s prompt.
Year 2217
In these times of instant travel through teleportation, communication through telepathy, life-spirit to keep everyone healthy and policing by techno-monitoring – nobody dies. They are just cryo-preserved and dispatched to a distant planet through a portal that looks just like a normal door of the 21st century.
Mr DixIT the chief of techno-monitoring was well liked in his department (in want of a better word for the huge net-work). The superpowers decided to deport him a little before the average time span. His colleagues wanted to pay their last respects in the traditional way to the man who secretly pined for the old values.
Unfortunately the flowers and such useless things had long been banished and all plant food and products were either manufactured or imported from distant planets. Finally, with the help of advance-technologies group they could get a hologram of a funeral wreath exhibited on the portal door.
The superpowers did not like the public display of emotions and ruled that this was unnecessary waste of scarce resources – hence illegal.
Words ~ 173

Thank you Priceless Joy



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