Straw (wo)men

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Thank you Ellespeth  for this week’s prompt.

Straw (wo)man is not commonly encountered working in a real farms. They are accustomed to lavish surroundings of climate-controlled debating halls of the rich and mighty.

Unfortunately arguments quarrels, squabbles and fights have replaced debate. The poor ‘debate’ is in ICU on a ventilator and straw (wo)men  – Jiya and Jill are now forced to work in fields and farms. Jiya laments her condition constantly and Jill the more pragmatic one consoles her that their adversity shall soon end.

The farmer smiles sardonically. He knows that the situation shall only deteriorate – the debate cannot replace argument in near future just as agricultural income cannot be taxed.

Words ~ 106

Thank you Priceless Joy



16 thoughts on “Straw (wo)men

  1. So if I get it right, you portrayed that there is a political instability and the old elite staw men are now being dragged to work as normal people? If this is so, it was just amazing! I never would’ve thought of something like this!

    • I have just personified ‘straw man’ a red herring that debaters use when they do not have a convincing point to argue.
      In future I shall try to be more lucid.
      Thank you so much.

    • Yes th mix is a little difficult to comprehend. It takes considerable talent to merge the tangible with intangible concepts ……. I need to improve before attempting it.

      Thanks for the read. 🙂

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