Just Nostalgia

Prompt  …
Mahatma Gandhi once gave a speech under this very roof.
I try to imagine the reverberating hall with patriotic-chants and the voice of a frail, bespectacled man in a white dhoti. Not easy here – with faded gold walls and slatted ceiling with huge fans that provide a background of clickety – clicks to the dialogues.
This used to be a grand place once. I have watched many movies here. It had many amenities including cry-rooms. A cry room was a soundproofed elevated room at the back of the theater with a large glass window in front so Mama could still watch the movie (and hear it over a public address system) while trying to calm down a fussy baby. I remember my elder sister and her friends using it for whimpering during tragic scenes of those old movies.
All I hear now is the sounds associated with consumption of chips.  I believe there is a reason for noisy cracklng-pack — it makes you think the chips are crunchier. 
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Thank you Priceless Joy



27 thoughts on “Just Nostalgia

  1. I took a number of film classes as an undergraduate many years ago. Our instructor said, “Once the house lights are dimmed, the film has begun, so be silent.” Food wrappers are my nemesis.

  2. I enjoyed your take on this prompt. How things decline over time – once a venue Mahatma Ghandi graced (would have loved to be there) to the crunch of chips. I had never heard of cry rooms – what a great idea. I wonder if they existed here and I just didn’t know about them not having been in a position where I would want to use them.

  3. Great description, and thanks for explaining the cry-room. Had no clue, but it sounds like a great thing. The only sentence which tripped me up was, ‘This used to be a grand place once.’ Actually, I was fine until I got to ‘once.’ The word felt off to me, out of place. The first part of the sentence tells us ‘That this used to be a great place” so, to me, the ‘once’ is redundant.

  4. I really enjoyed this bit of nostalgia – the crying room especially – and how you weaved the past with the present – it’s odd to think a crackly packet can make chips taste crunchier.

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