Au courant

There is just a hairline between being watchful and being nosy and often it depends the person who judges.
Prompt  ….

Thank you Enisa  for the photo prompt

Boiling milk is a tedious task. If one watches it, the wait is endless and if one does not it boils and overflows. Julie had turned the task in to a fine art. She had standardized the whole process and the milk boiled in just 7 and a half minutes.

As always she put the milk to boil and watched the street from her window. The narrow gully was empty except for the unknown man. She tried to recognize him but failed. Any way Mr Sharma from the corner flat was always the last man to leave and he had gone. Who could he have visited – she wondered. None of the regulars for she knew who visited which flat.

She looked at her fancy-watch and rushed to the kitchen – the milk had boiled over.

A few days later a cache of demonetized currency was found dumped in the waste. The police questioned all those living in the gully.

The tax evader was caught by the detailed description of the stranger given by Julie.

Words  ~ 174

Thank you Priceless Joy



25 thoughts on “Au courant

  1. Neat piece and excellent use of the prompt picture. I like you know something’s amiss as the main character wonders about this man, but you don’t find out exactly went until the end. Her vigilance and ability to notice out of place details saves the day. Great write 🙂

  2. Every neighborhood has a Julie… I am not too sure ‘my Julie’ is as a friendly, neighborhood-conscious observer. I think mine is a nosey busybody? But if I turn up dead and she can assist the police, I guess I will live (or not live) to regret those rude thoughts.

I love arguments

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