Just graffiti

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 PHOTO PROMPT © Jill Wisoff
No fur, claws, exoskeleton or speed – the humans have no natural armor like their co-residents on this planet. They also do not have highly developed vision, hearing or sense of smell. Moreover their sixth sense (subatomic consciousness) is also very poor.
No wonder they live in ghettos they call city.
It is a marvel they grow and prosper (?) in spite of all others who would like to see them extinct and despite their own efforts to perish at all cost.
The destiny (of the species) can be read on the wall.
Words ~ 92
Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



32 thoughts on “Just graffiti

  1. Destiny is a strange thing, a quarter turn one way or the other, and things could be so different. I enjoyed this style of writing.

  2. Interesting take on the prompt, Yarnspinnerr. Of course it is our unusual ability to work together that gave us our evolutionary advantage in the first place. I just hope we don’t take out too much of the biosphere before we go extinct.

  3. That’s a fascinating idea–the other species waiting until we self-destruct. Took me two times through to really see the story–and that’s a good thing 🙂

  4. I have a more optimistic view of your piece. I think the humans will make it, as we seem to have done well despite our lack of armour etc. which confuses the other species. We’ll just need to make that quarter turn for the better.

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