Global hunger

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Living in a post scarcity society, we often forget that a billion people struggle to get enough to eat.  No wonder those surviving in the endless swamps of Zambia dread hunger.
Choolwe gets up at dawn and starts to unravel a large mosquito net. These pesticide impregnated bed nets are widely considered a magic bullet against malaria by experts – a cheap and effective way to prevent half a million deaths. Though free they are seldom used.
These nets are sewn together and used as sieve to drag the bottom of the swamp ponds for edible life forms and an occasional frog.
Words ~ 101

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM. 



32 thoughts on “Global hunger

    • Yes, that and the fact that eating the catch from swamps how much poison they are consuming. It would be interesting to know the toxin body burden of these people and what sicknesses they suffer from.
      Thanks for the read and the interest.

  1. Such a powerful and thought provoking story, – the re-use of technology, and that the reduction in malaria deaths might cause further hardship and pressure on limited food resources.

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