An umbrella short

Prompt  …

Thank you  Michelle De Angelis for this week’s prompt.

Romy and Juliet were not their real names, however they were a team.

R – Where is your umbrella?

J – It is not functional.

Well! Let’s hope it is not needed.

Yours is all that is needed.

They walk through the Lodhi gardens and finally reach the cross-roads and wait – well hid by a huge Peepal (ficus) tree.


Finally they see the man they had been waiting for – jogging in a greenish black track suit.

Here he comes – I hope you are ready.

Just let him come in range.

Romy points the umbrella towards the man and waits for the perfect range and as he presses the trigger button a crow on the higher branches poos that falls right in his eye.


Only if you had brought your umbrella!

I had forgotten to pack the ricin-pelllets.

Words ~ 138

Thank you Priceless Joy


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