The Boss

Prompt  …
The world is divided in to two categories of human beings – those who are bossed and those who boss. Unlike other bosses my boss is not bossy – he just believes he is the best.
Recollect Fred the fat, somnolent, breathless boy in Pickwick papers. My boss is a grown-up and darker version of Fred who has been cured.  However, you expect him to take a puff form his nebulizer if you are in a discussion (nobody dares to argue) with him. Fortunately, he enjoys good health. He believes that rules are made to be followed (by others).
One day he entered the Vigilance HQs through a NO ENTRY to explain certain official irregularities. The CVO came to know about it and his services were terminated. Occasionally you can see him hovering around the main entrance.
Words ~ 136
About the prompt-pic – The building in the prompt is a multilevel parking in a posh market of colonial era. It was recently built at after a century old police & fire station was shifted. Then the entry was freely allowed but many would rather avoid it.
However when the parking came up millennia’s would occasionally drive their two wheeler up the exit stairs. Then the ‘No Entry’ sign and a barrier were put in place.

Thank you Priceless Joy

15 thoughts on “The Boss

  1. I really like the voice of your narrator – cheerful and upbeat, even having Fred for a boss.
    Fred should have followed the rules and then maybe he’d still be working.

I love arguments

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