I am ….

I am Aesop Clerk (online). I write potpourri flash (the devil lies in detail). I cannot recall since when I am addicted to this bad habit (thanks to Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay’s educational system).
My USP is  – think upside-down, other-way-round and inside-out.  I write less and edit more. I ensure readability and interest by keeping it short.
My favorite authors are Tulsi Das in Hindi and W. Somerset Maugham in English. I strive for the neatly quirky that reflects our precarious situation in a small planet circling a non-descript star in this vast universe full of black-holes. Moderate successes, huge failures and selective amnesia are the key words for describing human history on this planet.
I write primarily for my own pleasure. Often I do it by procrastinating other tasks. You can access my old posts here and for more recent ones click-here.
Welcome & all the best.


Life often comprises unexpected and unusual like the scene below.

61 thoughts on “I am ….

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    • Hello and thanks for the visit.

      I do not understand this? Others have commented, I invite comments – some wp problem may be 😦

      Try posting a comment as reply to a comment already posted.

    • Thank you for the visit indira ji.

      it is truth that I used to write the story. The part about the brahmin teaching Pythagorus meditation can not be verified. Yet that is how meditation was taught in those days.

      Happy you visited that post 🙂

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