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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

On one of the moons of a planet – 2371 light years from Earth, three human like beings are huddled around a screen. A data sheet in strange language is on display.

#1-Do we go ahead?



#2-There is no need.

#1-So we go in for location B.

2#We wait. In fraction of a light year the intelligent life forms on the planet will have eliminated themselves. In a few hours  (25 days in their time scale) there have been 120 acts of ideological violence killing hundreds. Intelligent life shall soon be extinct there.

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise of The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you.

The white mansion in the upper left corner of the prompt belongs to Jerry Khasgar-II. The road in front of the mansion leads to an old fort. It was later converted in to the main jail of the region.

Jerry Khasgar-I, father of the present owner spent many years in this jail. Like his son he was also a recluse and spent considerable time watching the sea and the neighboring hills. He actually fell in love with the site and built this mansion right next to the jail.

The reclusive tycoon lives alone in his opulent mansion though it is designed to entertain guests  with a magnificent foyer and dance floors. These facilities are utilized when JK-II stages his private parties.

On 18th June each year JK-II organizes a grand get together for his shareholders.



 A CBI team on the beach keep a watch – compiling a list of the guests arriving at the mansion.

The sniper on the roof of the mansion waits for the sun to set ….

Words <175

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Cloned out

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

It was a popular among the high, the mighty and commoners alike.

This eatery was essentially nameless (there was no sign board) – besides being a casual diner and hangout.  It was also one of the first to have a visually open kitchen and a clear float-glass door for entrance. The overall effect was an open invitation to one and all. Eventually it became part of the local fabric – either you knew about it or you did not.

By 2000 the town had a dozen copy-cat restaurants each claiming to be the original.

It opened in 1937 closed down in 2006.

Words ~ 100

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On rocks

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by loniangraphics. Thank you.

Dr Desert – a renowned xerophytist, conducted a detailed ecological survey of a little known area in the depths of Sahara. He lived there for one year eleven months and 22days exactly; and discovered this particular species of cactus.

I have borrowed this excerpt from his famous interview that was aired on the Discovery channel.

J – Congratulations, Dr Desert on your great discovery.

D – Thank you.

J – What propelled you to find this rare cactus?

D – I like my whisky on rocks.

J – What will this cactus be called?

D – Cactaceae glaciem.

J – Do you plan to follow up your research?

D – Yes!

J – How?

D – I am going to genetically engineer this cactus into producing ice-cubes.

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The penalty for reckless driving involving the death of a child, for example, was lowered to a $780 fine and a one-year prison term. “It is not possible to replicate 100% of the road safety laws of America, England or Canada in Indian conditions.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The passenger-door mirror is the only evidence authorities have in trying to solve a hit-and-run which left a 20-year girl bicyclist hospitalized with life-threatening injury.

“I don’t have any details of the large car.” She told the police.

The mirror is used in 10 year old models of BMW.


Sir, your BMW hit a girl between 7 and 8.00 pm on 8th of this month. She is seriously injured. Who was driving it?


Minister (to his driver), ‘You were driving the BMW on 8th and shall be adequately compensated. Get details from Bhaiya (minister’s-son)’.

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A weird place

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The immaculately manicured small garden is a part of larger patch of cleared land. It was the meeting ground for some assassins today. Yesterday it was a site for a covert meeting of two politicians conspiring to overthrow the duly elected government and the day before kidnappers had collected a ransom in this very place. The list of unsavory activities that goes on here is long and gruesome.

Occasionally it is transformed into an orchard or a picturesque riverfront. The apparently magical place is available to all for a steep price with the settings that one wants. Essentially it is a film set which can be converted to many forms using props. Its location and price ensure that only the very rich hire it.

Once a year, on the day of spring equinox the earth here is turned upside down. No human has seen it and lived to tell what actually happens. However, practitioners of black magic come here (next day) to collect discarded snake skins.

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Alternative materials

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank yoiu Loretta!
The forest inspector had found no logs or pilfered wood in the furniture factory. Confident of his sources he kept looking for them and walked in to the backyard – you are under arrest for illegal cutting of trees. He told the factory owner.
But that is not wood, sir! The owner answered.
What is it then?
Just touch it and you shall know!
The inspector touched the logs and found them to be fossils. He was silent for a moment. – I hope you have proper documentation for procurement of these fossils otherwise you are in much greater trouble for I shall notify this to necessary authorities like the geology departments, fossil parks and mineral lease regulatory council.
You better make sure that these are true fossils and not fake ones used for making designer furniture – available on e-marketing site. The factory owner retorted.
Words  ~ 143

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