Beyond profit

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

The beggar stood before a glass fronted show room. He knocked timidly a few times but there was no response.

Finally, he walked away thinking – ‘I always got a coin here – the seth* attended to the beggars before servicing his customers. There was no glass wall – the seth used to sit just at the entrance with a bowl full of coins and used to give a coin to all who asked (albeit absently) while attending to his customers. He must have passed away. May he reside in the highest heaven.

His shoes were too big to fill.’

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*A colloquial term used to address a rich businessman

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Let not light see ……

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An asteroid hit the South Pole in 2020. Though there were no direct deaths the resultant environmental disaster and human sickness changed political thought. Suddenly environment and health were primary issues. Most of the countries signed the United Nations Convention for Mandatory Use of Clean Fuels. 

A major transition from one fuel to another has only occurred once in the history of human beings, though a number of fuels (clean or otherwise) are known but none is universally used. The transition from wood to coal helped trigger industrialization. Such a transition has huge financial implications – the cost rises in direct proportion to the greenness of the fuel to be used.

The growth of state capitalism in most democratic countries ensured that energy production was in governmental control. The rising cost of governance also ensured that electricity was beyond the affordability of the common man.

A few dim lights in the elite areas defied as well as defined the darkness in most cities.

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Nobody said eat cake …..

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PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight

A government guest-house at New-Delhi in 1965.

I returned around 4.00 pm. I was tired and hungry (having missed my lunch). I reached the dining hall – only to find the doors padlocked.

The then PM (LB Shastri), in view of chronic food shortage had urged people to voluntarily give up one meal a week so that food saved could be distributed to those with severe need. The PM and his family followed it before appealing to the country. The request had overwhelming response – even restaurants and eateries downed the shutters on Monday evenings.

I observed ‘Shastri-vrat’ that day. 

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Shastri-Vrat – vow to miss one meal/ week

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Flowers are divine manifestations of magical and spiritual between the overt and covert. They are a form of energy that allows one to penetrate into the heart of truth if one has the capability to tune in to their unique vibrations.

The botanist contemplated the flowers pots in his lobby. These have such intricate details of mathematics, biology, chemistry and medicine hidden in them. The beautiful flowers he grew so assiduously were short lived since last few days. He decided to investigate and sat watching them.


Mrs Sharma in the adjacent flat was performing her ritual pooja. At her age it was difficult to gather all the essentials so she had switched to ‘mental-offerings’. She anointed the many deities she worshiped with water, sandal paste and rice grains. Next she closed her eyes and visualized herself offering the choicest flowers to each deity. Then she went on to chant the different mantras.


The botanist saw a few flowers wilt and then fall off without any apparent reason.

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Who comes here ……

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PHOTO PROMPT © Danny Bowman

Jehangir succeeded Akbar the Mughal emperor in the 16th century. As Akbar was opposed to this, Jehangir stripped all his (Akbar’s) advisors of honor and jailed them including Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana his own tutor.

It so happened that a close friend approached Rahim for help in prison. Rahim expressed his inability in view of his circumstances. However, on insistence he advised him to visit the Raja-of-Chitrakoot and recite following couplet …..

The King of Awadh resides in Chitrakoot (thus comparing him to Lord-Ram and also referring to Ram’s exile in Chitrakoot).

Those who fall on bad times come to this land.

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The actual couplet (doha) is –
Chitrakoot me basat hai Rahiman Awadh-naresh,
Jaa  par vipdaa aat hai wo aaye is desh!

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The New Commission

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J and J were professionals. They had successfully delivered many rare articles, antiques and corporate documents to those who hired them. They did not figure on any of the police data bases and as such were never suspected. They belonged to a small community of people who still practiced the ancient arts and ostentatiously provided consultations to those in distress.

Recently they were commissioned to deliver articles from the defense-research department in North-Korea. Their many successes in South-Africa and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum at Boston were probably the reason for this commission.

They planned the heist after a thorough background study and decided that they needed new equipment with more power – we need a freshly prepared hand of glory* that can shed its light directly at what we seek and open locks, bolts and bands at our spell.


The prisoner with the claw-hand was finally hanged. He had no relatives or friends and his body was disposed by the prison authorities.

Few knew that the disposed body had a missing right hand.

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*A Hand of Glory is the dried pickled right hand of a skilled thief / robber who has been hanged. It is used as a candle or candle holder & has special magical properties. It is believed to be highly potent if it is a claw-hand. Descriptions of its preparation are pretty gruesome.  The fingers themselves are used as a wick with the back of the hand used as a rest with the fingers turned upwards, or it is placed in some kind of holder with the hand straight and the fingers upright. If the hand is used as a candle holder the fingers are bent around a candle made from the fat of the dead man with the dead man’s hair as the wick.

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Then & Now

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bulltot

Once the tykhana (basement) here was full of women bandaging torn limbs, dressing stinking wounds and soothing dying children – they cringed at whine of bullets and crash of cannonballs striking their besieged shelter.

Summer was followed by torrential rains that brought outbreaks of typhoid, cholera, malaria and dysentery. Death stalked the 3500 residents (1800 civilians) for 141 days. This was at the East-India-Company’s Residency at Lucknow in North-India during the so called Seepoy-Mutiny (1857). Finally 24 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the rescuing British forces.



Ghosts are still encountered yet the lawns are favorite haunt of lovebirds.

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