Stray thoughts

Friday, May 31, 2013

I am reading ‘The Oath of Vayuputras’. It is the last part of the trilogy by Amish, the first two parts being ‘Meluha’, and the ‘Secret of Nagas’.

The trilogy is about the civilization in Indian subcontinent 2000 years before Christ and a thousand years after the birth of Ram. 

It addresses the  issue – when does Good become Evil.

Amazingly, the  issue remains unanswered after 4000 years.

Saturday, March 16,2013

Tomorrow, I shall tell you all a new story and hope to do it each Sunday. The post shall be called ” THE SUNDAY YARN.”



I oscillate between elation and depression inclusive of the whole rainbow n between. The pic below just shows my present state of mind.

Do smile. Its the best antidote to wrinkles.


Well, came across something novel  ……..

watched a fully decorated camel perform a jig.
Now just have a look at the coiffure of the camel – better then a cut pile carpet.

January 27, 2013

It is extremely cold here. This year there were three continuous day when the night temperature dipped to below zero. This happened after a gap of more than 100 years. This in a place where there is ten months of summer when the day time temperatures are in the range of 40 – 45 C.

I feel much more cold, when I see the thousands of people who have to pass the cold nights on the street …….. at the mercy weather government and charity of their fellow citizens.

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