Straw (wo)men

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Thank you Ellespeth  for this week’s prompt.

Straw (wo)man is not commonly encountered working in a real farms. They are accustomed to lavish surroundings of climate-controlled debating halls of the rich and mighty.

Unfortunately arguments quarrels, squabbles and fights have replaced debate. The poor ‘debate’ is in ICU on a ventilator and straw (wo)men  – Jiya and Jill are now forced to work in fields and farms. Jiya laments her condition constantly and Jill the more pragmatic one consoles her that their adversity shall soon end.

The farmer smiles sardonically. He knows that the situation shall only deteriorate – the debate cannot replace argument in near future just as agricultural income cannot be taxed.

Words ~ 106

Thank you Priceless Joy



First Amendment

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PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

This is the speaker’s corner in this park of the capital city. The guide said.

But, what is that contraption? One of the tourists inquired.

That is the safety-cage for the speaker  to stand in.

Words ~ 35

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


The last wreath

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Thank you Goroyboy  for this week’s prompt.
Year 2217
In these times of instant travel through teleportation, communication through telepathy, life-spirit to keep everyone healthy and policing by techno-monitoring – nobody dies. They are just cryo-preserved and dispatched to a distant planet through a portal that looks just like a normal door of the 21st century.
Mr DixIT the chief of techno-monitoring was well liked in his department (in want of a better word for the huge net-work). The superpowers decided to deport him a little before the average time span. His colleagues wanted to pay their last respects in the traditional way to the man who secretly pined for the old values.
Unfortunately the flowers and such useless things had long been banished and all plant food and products were either manufactured or imported from distant planets. Finally, with the help of advance-technologies group they could get a hologram of a funeral wreath exhibited on the portal door.
The superpowers did not like the public display of emotions and ruled that this was unnecessary waste of scarce resources – hence illegal.
Words ~ 173

Thank you Priceless Joy


Of fans

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Kapila, the reigning star of Bollywood was miserly and safety conscious. She employed Zeti (a talented psychic-detective) to screen her visitors. They were made to wait for her in this room – seldom suspecting it.

Once an influential fan forced his way in and as usual was made to wait. Mr Zeti screened the fan and found him accompanied by other-worldly beings with ulterior motives. The detective used his skills of pyrokinesis and melted the down-rod of the overhead fan.

The fan fell near the fan.

Since then all the fans are made to sit just below the un-repaired fan.

Words ~ 100
 Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



The sufi

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Thank you Yinglan for this week’s prompt.
The old Sufi found this place and decided to meditate here for some time. Soon the locals started visiting him for solving their problems. Occasionally he would use the black board to explain solutions to complex problems.
However, the locals soon believed him to be divine and would imitate all of the Sufi’s action.
One day the sheriff came and saw the Sufi take a few steps, then stop and whirl around, shake all his limbs and cry Wah wah wah. His followers would also do the same. This continued for some time.
Who are you and what is going on here?
I am a Sufi and these are my followers. They are copying me in the hope of achieving enlightenment.
How do you know if they have attained enlightenment?
Easy!  Every morning I count them. Those who do not come back – have achieved enlightenment!
Words ~ 145

Thank you Priceless Joy




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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

A sigil is often specifically made to promote acceptance and placed in public spaces. It works like ads that have become viral. Random people activate them without realizing and one gets a result that is multiplicatively augmented.

A spiral sigil is particularly effective in promoting performing arts and aesthetics. That is the reason for the popularity of certain historical fashion trends, museums, art galleries and music halls.

These sigils use chaos to achieve the objective for which they were devised.

Words ~ 78

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


Jai & Veera

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Thank you Dorothy  for the photo prompt.
Those with an itch to wager are making a beeline to off-shore casinos on the river Mandovi in Goa. The sun never sets and the stakes are sky-high in these glamorous, glittering floating vessels.
The only winner in a casino is the person who scores a hit and stops playing. However, it is a rare person who can overcome temptation and walk out while still ahead. Jai and Veera are among those rare ones. They waited for the sun to set and the revelers on the ship to return to their pleasures.
Jai and Veera purchased 10 million rupees worth of chips in hard-cash. They gambled for an hour and won about Rs 10,000 – cashed their chips and walked out.
Three more such visit to other casinos and Jai & Veera flew out of Goa with a perfectly legal banker’s cheque for 30 million rupees.
Words  ~ 149

Thank you Priceless Joy