Fish Gods

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Fish Gods like the story of great flood is found in most ancient cultures across the globe. Many thinkers interpret the fish imagery as an alien intervention to fast forward the development of human race on this planet.
Technological advancement is generally linear and moves forward arithmetically. However, exponential increase may occur after each technological breakthrough. Dreaming of space colonization just 8000 years after learning to grow food is a statistical impossibility without such breakthroughs. Unfortunately these breakthroughs sans extra-human intervention are very rare. Contemplate – that it took us more than 7000 years to understand gravity and basic mechanics. Obviously we got some help.
The history channel show ‘Ancient aliens’ divided the people in believers and non believers. In spite of the skeptics the cult of believers increased.
A sculpture of fish bent double with pain from the injuries inflicted by those who believed that human species is the only intelligent and creative life form in the cosmos  was recently installed by the believers at the town center.
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Son et lumière

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PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

Dom was a truly neutral person. He was neither negative nor positive – yet he was not a killjoy. Obviously he was not considered the life of a party. He would rather observe than be in the midst of a party.

It was therefore, surprising to find him at the sound and light show – Epiphany.

The viewers were enthusiastic in their praise. Dom just smiled to himself and quoted Saxe ‘so oft in theologic wars, the disputants rail on in utter ignorance of what each other mean and prate about an elephant that not one of them has seen’.

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Brewing a King’s Virtues

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The road in front of the palace was blocked. This was the third time this year. The new royal seer had started this. Unfortunately it caused a lot of problems to the people.

The Rajguru – chief advisor to the king also lodged an official protest.

The seer was called to the court to explain his actions.

Sir, I was preparing a concoction of the 32 royal qualities for yo so that you can be the best king in the world.

Why on the Rajpath (royal road)? Are the palace premises inadequate??

Too true sir! They are full of intrigue and greed – such concoctions should be assiduously kept free of such ingredients.

Well how long do you need to keep th Rajpath blocked?

Just one day more …..

And what shall you tell you them.

Simply that once I have completed this exercise – your King shall be the best in the world; comparable to the great Vikramditya – as he too would have the wisdom of the legendary king.

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Suppressed trauma

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Jay entered the bathroom and stared at the malnourished ragamuffin in the mirror. Lethargy overpowered him but with strong resolve he started the extremely laborious task of brushing his teeth.

Depression had devoured his youth and each day its clutch on him grew stronger. Lately even routine chores like eating, washing, dusting, etc had become a heavy burden.

The first nightmare had occurred soon after he had shifted to this flat. It was always the same – he was locked up in the bathroom and the tap dripped. It pounded his head incessantly.


The open window is so inviting.

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Childhood of more than one million children is marred by trauma each year in the United States alone. These children are at a risk of developing depression in their adulthood.


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The Nawab’s Cook

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Cooks that served nobility were often as eccentric as their masters.

Once a cook came to a Nawab’s court seeking a job.

‘What do you cook?’ inquired the Nawab.

Cook – ‘ I make only Dal (lentil soup)’.

Nawab – ‘OK, you shall be paid 20 rupees a month ’.

Cook – ‘Sir, I have a few conditions’.

‘What are these conditions?’ Asked the surprised Nawab.

Cook – ‘Sir, I need to be informed a day before Dal is desired and it has to be eaten within half an hour of being cooked.

The cook was hired and one day soon Nawab desired him to make Dal. The Dal was cooked and the cook requested the Nawab to come for dinner.  Alas the Nawab was busy.

He waited for an hour and then walked out of the Nawab’s palace. The Dal boiled over and overflowed.

Later the kitchen-staff disposed the Dal at the base of an old dried tree. Surprisingly the tree sprouted new shoots soon.

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Kumbhkaran the brother of demon Ravan is known  for his extremely large size, huge appetite and his capability to sleep. He used to sleep for six months, get up eat his fill and go back to sleep for next six months.

Once the meal was not to his liking and in great anger he chopped of the head of his chef and then felt extreme remorse as he was a distant cousin who shared his gargantuan physique.  He ensured that his cousin’s head could not be destroyed by any means.

The chef’s body was cremated and the head fossilized with time.

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A fable retold

‘Tell you what, honest friend;
I will borrow your eyes, but my legs I will lend;”
So the cripple consented, and got on his back,
And thus both with safety continued their track.
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Black and Bill were a team since their childhood. Both loved adventure ….. but Black suffered from a congenital muscular condition; and Bill was nearly blind.

One day they saw an ad – Cycle from any one of the sheds at town-hall to the hill-top by noon and stop for a BBQ. Cycle back or we can drop you at the bus stop (we will ensure that you cycle is delivered at your home). Disabled are Welcome. They can use tandem cycles or just pillion-ride  on motorized bikes.

Black and Bill decided to participate. They had a lovely ride as Black steered and Bill pedaled.

Black & Bill rode up the hill

Seeking some joy and banter

They had a lavish lunch and

rolled down with much laughter.

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