Joe and the ETs

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What happens to the ‘information’ stored in one’s mind after death?  It is claimed that it gets disseminated in to the universe in quantum packets of information.  Occasionally these are channeled back into another human brain and are responsible for paranormal occurrences.

Joe started his carrier as a wood carver. His showroom had wooden figurines of bear, deer, etc.  He made a living – but the spark that makes the life  blissful was missing. It made him experiment with more fantastic forms.

Then destiny took over and an information packet from one of the batman’s illustrator found a receptive area in his brain. Soon he was churning out the green-skinned extra terrestrials.

Later his figures were used as a model to illustrate Martians in a comic series by another Joe and went on to become a popular icon.

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Does Big Brother exist?

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Unexpectedly the drive-way in to the ferry was not crowded as usual – in fact it was completely vacant. A nerve started ticking in Kris’s left temple.

He stopped the car and looked around to inquire about it. There was nobody to answer him. He got down and walked to the foot-passenger entrance. It too was nearly empty except for Joe – who informed him, that all the staff had been removed and the ferry was entirely managed by robots.  They also covertly collect personal and biometric data of all the passengers. Hence, ………

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To imitate is to compliment

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I wonder if you can see the large red and gold Mackerel in the sky. It was such a Mackerel that Ruben saw and painted the famous landscape ‘Het Steen’ – currently displayed at the National Gallery in London. It was painted for the artist’s own pleasure and not for a commission; it shows his estate near Brussels.

Jas a budding artist had been asked to make a set of six murals with the resort in the background.  The payment would be decided by a panel of three experts. Jas was bereft of any ideas for the task. He made a number of trips to study the property from different angles but his muse was not enthused.

Frustrated he checked out the art works in the local library – without any positive results. Finally he came across the national gallery catalogue and his research took him to Het Steen. Inspired he decided to paint the resort with a background of different moods of sky.


Excellent – the expert-panel announced.

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There is one spectacle grander than the sea – that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky – that is the interior of the soul. Victor Hugo.

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The Moon Conflict

The full Moon is thought to be responsible for a long list of human problems.
In 19th century England, lawyers used the Lunar defense.   They claimed  that their clients were not accountable as they committed the crime because of moon’s influence.
A multitude of well conducted and flawless scientific studies have disproved the effect of moon on human behavior.  However, as a result of its own research and experience Sussex police decided to   put extra officers on the streets during full moons in a bid to curb unruly behavior in 2007.
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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The inhabitants of the railway colony in Nagpur were relieved and happy with the cloud cover. It signified a breather from the scorching summer heat and arrival of the monsoon.

They continued with their routine life till the moon peaked through the cloud cover.

All waited with bated breaths – and finally the long  booooooooooo hooooooooooo   emerged from one of the flats in the top floor – a banshee like scream that  was shrill, loud and frightening.

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True blue

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The owners of this castle are true blue and real nutty.

One of their fore-fathers lived on rice gruel believing it to be made from cooked pearls. He did it because he was too good to eat the commonly available food items.

Another past owner who served in the East India Company was in the habit of removing his glass eye, clean it, and put it back in its socket – then ask his subordinate if it was straight before firing his musket. Needless to say he never returned from one of the many skirmishes with the local royalty.

The present owner collected stones from the roadside and built a little cottage for himself. Now he feels uncomfortable without the extra weight and always carries a bag of stones. ‘The state helps me to remain v(i)able’, he claims (a fact as he has not paid his taxes for last many years). However, he intends to say that ‘the weight helps him to remain stable’.

 So few people dare to be eccentric, these days .*

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*Exact quote is – The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour and moral courage it contained. [That] so few people now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of our time” — John Stuart Mill, 1859

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Genetically modified

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


Homo sapiens finally lost. However, thanks to genetic engineering, they shall live on as Homo Eichorniablatta.

The new breed of humans was engineered using genes of three super pests – water-hyacinth (Eichornia), roaches and the last species of human beings. The super breed is highly intelligent. It never falls sick and does not need specially grown foods. Moreover, it cannot be destroyed by any known means.

While roaches and humans have long been present across all the continents, the water-hyacinth has been introduced to many ecosystems by the past empire builders from this very greenhouse.

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Of rocks, trees and aliens

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Long time ago I read a SF tale about visitors from a distant planet. They came to Earth and their spaceship lands in the middle of a forest. The aliens talked with the trees of the forest, and then leave – happy that the people care for their environment.

This prompt makes me wonder – what if they had talked with the rocks too. I am sure they would have left highly dissatisfied. The rocks would have told them how their population was fast dwindling; how they are carted off to be crushed and used as sand for unbridled construction activities. They would have told how in their absence the trees lose roots and how the water from upper-ranges drowns the forest during monsoon. They would also tell how a multitude of small creatures that help in maintaining the eco-balance are becoming extinct …..

I also wonder what the aliens would have done if they had talked to the rocks.

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