The Sunday Yarn ~ Kankal

Prompt ~

Posed skeleton in a shed


John, please mark the attachments of the big neck muscle on Kankal … there by the window – the professor commanded.
John went to the skeleton in the corner removed the pirate-cap & marked the inner side of collarbone with some red chalk; then he marked a small bony node on the side of the skull.
Kankal (the skeleton) squealed – I shall not be able to pant if it is not attached to my breast bone.
The Professor smiled and explained the finer details of the muscle to the students preparing for the FRCS. His skills as a ventriloquist were greatly responsible for the success of his anatomy coaching.
John reached the coaching-room a few hours before the scheduled time, hoping to study osteology on Kankal.
There was nobody else and he studied the fat-anatomy book and then got up to trace the course of some blood vessels and nerves on different bones. He started marking the limbs and then moved on to the ribs, spine and finally the pelvis …..
Stop the tickling, John – the professor seemed on the verge of giggling.
John looked around the room – it was empty except for the grinning Kankal.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.