Snow in Badmer

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

The trick to making good artificial snow without proper equipment is to use alternative materials. A good recipe for falling snow is simply to take laundry soap flakes and sprinkle them across the scene using an electric fan.

Using the right backdrop one can even show snowfall in Sahara desert explained the ‘Do it yourself expert’ of low budget film production.

Dom – Is it Chinese technology?          

DIY expert – Why only Chinese, film-makers across the globe use it.

Dom – Oh! I thought climate change is a Chinese hoax.

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Badmer a part of Thar desert in western India is the home of Dom.


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


Dom’s ingenuity

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© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.”

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.

The scorching day time temperatures hovering around 45 – 50C had brought all life to a staggering halt. ‘Climate change’ and ‘global warming’ proved to be an umbrella for governments across borders. People prayed to their Gods without any respite.

Dom had other ideas. He broke the statue of Zeus atop a hill. The bright sun was hidden behind a cover of dense clouds and Zeus hurled thunderbolts at earth.

Dom and his friends danced in the rain that followed.

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Mondays Finish the Story
Dom (pronounced as Ohm with a D) is a childhood friend. He has idiosyncratic ideas that are often hilarious and occasionally baffling. To read other posts about him click on the link below.


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copyright -Janet Webb

copyright –Janet Webb

The environmental ad-clip always ends with this photo. It lingers on and on, till the next clip.

In between it preaches about many things we can do to save our planet from the ultimate catastrophe.

It reminds me of Michael Crichton’s statement, ‘the nasty little apes that call themselves human beings can do nothing except run and hide. For these same apes to imagine they can stabilize this atmosphere is arrogant beyond belief. They can’t control the climate’. 

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Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.