The Sunday Yarn ~ Plastic money

Prompt ~

A pre-Victorian building that is now one of the major banks in the UK.


The old man was a regular visitor to the basement of this building. The safety deposit vault is located in its bowels.

One day he approached the officer responsible for granting him access with the requisite documents and his key – I wish to access my safe deposit box, sir.

Yes, sir … but you visited it yesterday and the day before and the day before ….

Yes, I did.

For my own curiosity, why do you need to access it so frequently, SIR?

I keep my credit card in the safe-box.

But why?

Last time, I lost it the bank people took 10 days to replace it and I do not have any other. Have you lived on water for a week?

Words  < 200


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Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.