Tormented eternity

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Many seasons passed. New generations ruled. Vaguely he remembered the present generation when they were still being nursed by their mothers. During that time, he had possessed many from the living  – without thought and without mercy. It had been an eternity he thought.

No! Another voice with in him objected.  Eternity is something very different – it is not a vast stretch of time and space. It is a confined space, dark and gloomy – like an attic and often full of giant roaches.

A frail voice urged him to walk out of the attic.

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Sans magic!

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“Tell them I came, and no one answered,That I kept my word,” he said.– Walter de la Mare, The Listeners.

Ted and Fiona soon found that Mr J’s magic was not easily classifiable in the different types described in academia of magic. His magic had a mystic quality to it. He never used prestidigitation to manipulate objects such as cards and coins secretly. It was always on a scale that one associated with miracles.

One day Mr J informed him that there was a garage sale next day in a nearby village and all of them would go for it may be a good learning opportunity.

Next day they trekked to the garage sale. It took them half a day. On their own they would have got lost in the woods that separated the village from the castle. Mr J pointed out many a natural wonders, besides unperceived beings like elves, pixies and goblins.

Finally, they reached their destination. The items were displayed but there was no one to welcome them or any other customer.

While Ted and Fiona looked at the items displayed, Mr J closed his eyes as if in prayer. He opened his eyes after a few minutes and there was a very serene expression on his face as if his prayers had been answered.

‘What were you doing Mr J?’ Asked Ted.
‘Calling the owner of all this’.
‘Is he coming?’ Fiona queried.
‘Coz she is dead!’
‘Did you know her, sir?’ Fiona was curious.
‘What did she die off?’ Ted interjected.
‘Everybody dies of Death! Just Death. As soon as one has completed one’s time here.’

Ted and Fiona looked confused.

Mr J smiled and said, ‘I shall tell you an ancient story. There was no death till there was only vegetable kingdom. Death was born when the vegetable spirit evolved to animal spirit and acquired individuality. Death is a phenomenon to which only the observer reacts’

Ted and Fiona contemplated and kept quiet.

Mr J continued, ‘when the death was assigned this task, it was not happy and felt that it would be blamed for the departure of each one; however, the supreme being assured it that such would not happen as each death would have a cause – that would be blamed. Even the death certificate records the cause of death.’

‘So true, we die of injuries, accidents, diseases et al but never of death’. Fiona wondered aloud.

‘I am happy  you chose not to come,’ Mr J mumbled inaudibly.

‘Was the dead woman also a magician, Mr J?’ inquired Fiona.

‘Yes and a very good one’, replied Mr J.

‘Are there any magical object in the sale’, asked Fiona.

‘The magic of a magician follows its master; a dead magician’s wand is just dead wood.’ Mr J explained. ‘No shoes here that may help you fly!’

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Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Fire


Agni (Fire) loves all its worshipers equally, and so is loved by all of them. It visits everyone’s hearth, no matter if they are rich or poor. It is the mediator between the higher beings and mankind.

While using fire, one must place it in the right direction for different uses. When facing east, the fire should be used for sacrifices to the higher beings; when facing south, the fire should be used for sacrifices to the spirits of the dead; a cooking fire should always face toward the west. It is also a source of  fun and solace to all living beings.

Fire should be worshiped with offerings of ghee (clarified butter). It has the power to imparts immortality and frees one of all sins at the time of death.

A flame or fire is kept burning during religious rituals as a witness. This is because the fire is the most impartial natural element.  It devours all without bias.

Born from fire in loins 

fire in heart kept me alive

back with nature Fire.

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The Sunday Yarn ~ A Helping Hand.

13 06 June 23rd 2013

Kaal (death) was given the responsibility of collecting souls. Kaal agreed but was apprehensive that it would be blamed for all the grief. The Supreme Being assured Kaal that it would not be blamed as there would always be a cause behind each person’s demise.

Since then Kaal collects the souls but the blame falls on numerous other causes.

Nowadays, Kaal has been tardy and often fails to meet its targets. On such occasions, the different elements of nature assist it. Water, fire, winds and Earth helps Kaal in large scale reaping of souls.

The Kedar valley  in Uttara-khand, India was recently deluged with heavy rains and floods  that claimed more than a thousand life and left thousands stranded.

No wonder Varuna the god of water is classified as an Asura (demon) in Rig Veda yet worshiped like a Sura (God)

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The old tree.

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Copyright- Indira

The tree was in shock. All those who inhabited it had forsaken it.

One day, a few years ago, a Yogi had come and started meditating under its dense branches.  His energized chakras and sympathetic nervous system excited the tree, till both vibrated at same frequency. The tree could now think with the Yogi’s mind. The tree had evolved to human stage and all the birds, insects and little animals sensed this and fled.

Flowing waters and Yogis keep moving. The Yogi left.  The tree was vegetable again. It had lost its capacity of thought.

It suffered from dysautonomia.

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