The Sunday Yarn ~ The Pewter Piece

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Prompt ~

Pewter dragon ornament


Quirky statues attracted Dom just like jiggery attracted bees. There was almost a supernatural attraction between the two. Hence it was no wonder that Dom found the pewter piece in a shabby studio downtown.
The sculptor’s eyes twinkled as he smelled a sale – this is a solitary piece for the connoisseur. I used the mold only for this piece here.
D – Well what is it?
S – It is a dragon teaching its son.
D – What type of dragon is this?
S – A dragon is a dragon … what do you mean by type?
D – Wyvern, ddraig-goch, smok, loong, nag, gyo; WHAT ?
S – It is just a dragon!
D – What about the little object?
S – Dragon’s son.
D – Dragons don’t have sons; they have eggs!
S – Well you are such a know-all; tell me what is it?
D – It is an owl!
S – Why should a dragon swoop on an owl; it is just a little morsel?
D – The owl is rebuking him.
S – Why?
D – To mend it’s ways … fire and fury only results in extinction.
S – How do you know?
D – I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls.

Words  < 200


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