Close call

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He had cracked the safe in the apartment below and his colleagues had swiped the contents in a trash bag. The alarm had gone off as they were locking the front door. They had switched off the alarm using a newly developed soft-ware.  Obviously it needed some fine tuning. They decided to relinquish the planned exit route and opted for the roof-top and act as the situation developed.

Jim jumped down to the adjoining roof – easily crossing a 1.5 m chasm. Kim also made it. He was the last in the line and he could see the alert alarm response team on the road below. He was on the verge of taking the dive when he noticed one of the team-member scanning the roof.

Years of experience kicked in and he shouted to the team-leader – ‘Another bloody VIP visit?’

‘No, this is about a heist in one of the apartments.’ And they walked on.

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Suzie caught the bus by the skin of her teeth. She sat down regained her breath and reviewed the last one hour.

She had wandered in to a decrepit building searching for a Malbari spice-store. She looked in ….. screamed and scampered back to the main road; a look over her shoulder revealed the men coming after her. She ran for her life and got on the bus.

Soon, she noticed a big black motorcycle following the bus. If you witness a murder in this city, do not scream loudly – just tiptoe away, she deduced.

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Finish the story begins with: “They finally made their escape.”

‘They finally made their escape in a jeep with an Alaska license plate’.

Missy closed the book wanting to know what the various characters did after the escape. Unfortunately that was the end of the novel. ‘Life is about escaping – be it from a place; from a relationship; from need or from oneself’, she thought.

John, her husband, looked at the cold cup of tea in front of her. These episodes of abstraction invariably annoyed him – ‘why do you read so much fiction’?

Missy looked at him gloomily; waved her hands at objects all around her and said, ‘There is no dearth of reality in my life. I need to escape from all this’.

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