Joe and the ETs

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Thank you Mark for this week’s photo prompt.

What happens to the ‘information’ stored in one’s mind after death?  It is claimed that it gets disseminated in to the universe in quantum packets of information.  Occasionally these are channeled back into another human brain and are responsible for paranormal occurrences.

Joe started his carrier as a wood carver. His showroom had wooden figurines of bear, deer, etc.  He made a living – but the spark that makes the life  blissful was missing. It made him experiment with more fantastic forms.

Then destiny took over and an information packet from one of the batman’s illustrator found a receptive area in his brain. Soon he was churning out the green-skinned extra terrestrials.

Later his figures were used as a model to illustrate Martians in a comic series by another Joe and went on to become a popular icon.

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