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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank yoiu Loretta!
The forest inspector had found no logs or pilfered wood in the furniture factory. Confident of his sources he kept looking for them and walked in to the backyard – you are under arrest for illegal cutting of trees. He told the factory owner.
But that is not wood, sir! The owner answered.
What is it then?
Just touch it and you shall know!
The inspector touched the logs and found them to be fossils. He was silent for a moment. – I hope you have proper documentation for procurement of these fossils otherwise you are in much greater trouble for I shall notify this to necessary authorities like the geology departments, fossil parks and mineral lease regulatory council.
You better make sure that these are true fossils and not fake ones used for making designer furniture – available on e-marketing site. The factory owner retorted.
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