On rocks

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by loniangraphics. Thank you.

Dr Desert – a renowned xerophytist, conducted a detailed ecological survey of a little known area in the depths of Sahara. He lived there for one year eleven months and 22days exactly; and discovered this particular species of cactus.

I have borrowed this excerpt from his famous interview that was aired on the Discovery channel.

J – Congratulations, Dr Desert on your great discovery.

D – Thank you.

J – What propelled you to find this rare cactus?

D – I like my whisky on rocks.

J – What will this cactus be called?

D – Cactaceae glaciem.

J – Do you plan to follow up your research?

D – Yes!

J – How?

D – I am going to genetically engineer this cactus into producing ice-cubes.

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