Close call

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He had cracked the safe in the apartment below and his colleagues had swiped the contents in a trash bag. The alarm had gone off as they were locking the front door. They had switched off the alarm using a newly developed soft-ware.  Obviously it needed some fine tuning. They decided to relinquish the planned exit route and opted for the roof-top and act as the situation developed.

Jim jumped down to the adjoining roof – easily crossing a 1.5 m chasm. Kim also made it. He was the last in the line and he could see the alert alarm response team on the road below. He was on the verge of taking the dive when he noticed one of the team-member scanning the roof.

Years of experience kicked in and he shouted to the team-leader – ‘Another bloody VIP visit?’

‘No, this is about a heist in one of the apartments.’ And they walked on.

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