Tools of the craft

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Thank you Yinglan for this week’s prompt.
She graduated with honors.
Today was her first day at job. She had been told what was expected of her. All her requirements were provided and finally a fat man in grey suit had left her in this special shoe shop. (Why a shoe shop she thought.)
Well …. fresh from the farm – your first mission? One of the young men asked.
She kept silent.
Never mind – your preference in footwear?
Another silence followed.
I think these Louboutins will fit you perfectly. There is a knife hidden in the right toe. Click your heel on a hard surface and it will pop out. Click again and it slides back.
The second man handed her a bag. ‘This contains a lipstick video-camera, dot-candies that are really GPS tracking devices, a nail polish that will dissolve metal and some multipurpose dental-floss made of carbon nano-tubes.’ He said.
The lady thanked them and felt she was ready to start her ascent in the Corporation.
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Thank you Priceless Joy