A tale of many cities

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Thank you Wildverbs for this week’s prompt.
Jack woke up on the bench.
He owned a cardboard mansion until yesterday. It had been two large boxes taped together – a wonder in in cardboard architecture. Jack had inherited it from a young man who had been beaten to death by a bunch of young thugs – who considered it their patriotic duty to free the society of poor, unwashed and dispossessed members. Other box dwellers watched and thanked God it was not them. Finally, the thugs departed; and Jack offered him a sip of water. The man bequeathed his home to Jack and died.
Jack had lived there for a few days and then the guilt of watching him being beaten without helping overcame him and he put a match to it and moved to the river park refusing to strive for a survival that he considered futile.
A few days later the bench was occupied by another Jack.
Ironically the bench and the park too vanished soon. It was replaced by hundreds of box-homes stacked one over other.
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