A fable retold

‘Tell you what, honest friend;
I will borrow your eyes, but my legs I will lend;”
So the cripple consented, and got on his back,
And thus both with safety continued their track.

Prompt  ….

Thank you Dorothy for this week’s photo prompt

Black and Bill were a team since their childhood. Both loved adventure ….. but Black suffered from a congenital muscular condition; and Bill was nearly blind.

One day they saw an ad – Cycle from any one of the sheds at town-hall to the hill-top by noon and stop for a BBQ. Cycle back or we can drop you at the bus stop (we will ensure that you cycle is delivered at your home). Disabled are Welcome. They can use tandem cycles or just pillion-ride  on motorized bikes.

Black and Bill decided to participate. They had a lovely ride as Black steered and Bill pedaled.

Black & Bill rode up the hill

Seeking some joy and banter

They had a lavish lunch and

rolled down with much laughter.

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Thank you Priceless Joy