Prompt  ….

Thank you Shivam for this week’s prompt.

Dom has been to many states of India and learnt a few things. Outside of the southern States, coffee generally means instant coffee. It is in the south that he gets his favorite filter kappi. More so if he gets it at some friend’s home lovingly brewed from freshly ground beans by Ammaa.

Whenever he is in a coffee shop in the north of the country he prefers tea or cold drink. In case he is in a situation where he has to order coffee – he balances his tinted spectacles on the rim of the cup and sits arguing semantics of the issue that is being discussed.

Once I queried him about his habit …

These lattes and mochas are not for me. I like women and coffee that are hot and bold.

And the spectacles ……

I wear them constantly and they get grimy …. the coffee vapors help to remove the grime. Moreover, dark-glasses sitting on a coffee-cup are iconic of the politics of South India.

Words <175

Amma – mother also a term of respect to address women
Annaa – elder brother also a term of respect to address men.
Kaapi – coffee


Thank you Priceless Joy