Trifecta: Week 101 ~ Halloween in India!

Prompt~  33 – 333 words using  third definition of ‘Boo’ (verb).

Halloween is not celebrated in India, yet the atmosphere is quite like Halloweens. The forth coming elections have let loose a hoard of wannabes in different costumes.

While the contestants boo each other and promise obscure bag of candies, the common man is left with the task of discriminating the tricks from the treats.

For most of the world the Halloween would be over in a few days. However, it may last here for a few more months and not as a cultural festival of fun and frolic but a haunting experience with the ghosts from pasts dancing to the tunes of this era.



Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Thoughts !

Prompt ~ Treasure   OR   Despair  (your choice)

I have always believed that thoughts travel in obscure ways.

I recently finished reading ‘The Lost Throne’ by Chris Kuzneski. As the characters look for Heinrich Schliemann’s treasure hidden in a cave on Mount Athos, the media broke the news about the Archeological Survey of India starting to dig for 1000 tons of gold revealed to a Hindu god-man Swami Sobhan Sarkar in a dream by Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh who was hanged in 1858.

Elections are just around the corner for many state assemblies and the parliament of India. The ruling alliance has lost the faith of common people and the opposition does not have convincing agenda to solve the many issues that riddle the country.

The government in power is busy legislating doles (at tax payers cost) that many doubt shall reach the intended beneficiaries.  

Despair is overwhelmingly widespread as is the need for a windfall.

Amazingly Ligo chose ‘treasure’ and ‘despair’ for this week’s prompt.

Treasures won harshly

lost despite application

cause desperation

words <220



Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week 6

A model of the meenakshi temple.

A model of the meenakshi temple.

Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple


The Meeankshi (One with fish shaped eyes) temple is the only one dedicated to Mother Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva.  There are countless  temples dedicated to her  Shakti (energy or power) form.

The size and architecture of this temple is beyond description.  See for yourself.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

White water lilies – soon the pond will be a mosaic of green and white

White Water Lily (known as Kumudni in hindi) is a commonly found aquatic herb in India. As the name suggests, flowers are white in color with beautiful yellow stamens in the middle. These flowers open early in the morning and shut by the noon filling large parts of ponds.  Their size varies from 5 cm to 15 cm in diameter.

Nymphaea alba

Nymphaea alba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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